A smaller 5.0-inch Galaxy S10 SE is in plans: Rumor

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Although we still have more than six months before the launch of the Galaxy S10, we haven’t been short of rumors and speculations on what to expect when Samsung takes the wraps off its next flagship in the S series to mark the brand’s 10th anniversary.

We recently got wind from Korea that the company has plans to launch up to three variants of the Galaxy S10. While the initial report pointed to two 5.8-inch models and a Plus variant with 6.2 inches of display real estate, a new report from the same country now points to an even smaller, entry-level variant of the S10.

According to The Bell, Samsung will have three variants of the Galaxy S10. Where the high-end variant will reportedly ship with a 6.44-inch display screen, the entry-level model will come your way donning a 5-inch panel, much like what we are used to seeing on entry-level iPhones and Google phones.

The report also says the Galaxy S10+ will ship with a tri-lens camera system on the back, but the base model will stick to a single-lens shooter, much like the current Galaxy S9. It has also been pointed out that while the S10 and S10+ will feature the curved edge design, the 5-inch variant, which we’ve tentatively named Galaxy S10 SE, will have a flat screen design.

While it makes sense that Samsung would jump in with a third variant of the Galaxy S10, what seems unlikely is going for a 5-inch panel at a time when everyone wants more display real estate. However, I’d like to see an S10 with a 5.5-inch screen housed in a 5-inch body (much like the Nokia 8 Sirocco), something that makes more sense, especially since the same rumor claims the standard S10 will ship with a 6.0-inch panel.

Something worth noting is that even if this does materialize, the report adds that the 5-inch handset will come with weaker specs and features compared to the standard S10 and the flagship S10+.

All these are based on rumors and not information from Samsung itself, which means it should be consumed with a grain of salt. Given that we have months between now and the launch of the Galaxy S10, expect to see more of these rumors every now and then.

Meanwhile, would you buy a 5-inch Galaxy S10 SE (or  the S10 Mini, perhaps)? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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