Samsung Galaxy S10 dual front-facing camera rumored again

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is now a thing of the past following its official launch a week ago and now attention has turned to the next big thing from the Korean behemoth – the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Not that we haven’t talked about the Galaxy S10 before, but it’s now our main attention as far as Samsung flagship phones are concerned. And in the latest developments, we are gathering even more weight to add to a previous rumor that claimed the S10 will be among the first, if not the first device to come with up to five camera lenses. LG is also said to be working on a similar package for the upcoming LG V40, details of which are available via the link below. If true, this will surpass the Huawei P20 Pro’s four camera lenses.

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According to Korea’s The Bell, Samsung has in the recent times taken on a different path in order to balance its books. The flagship market has somehow taken a different trajectory, especially in top markets like the U.S., India, and China, hence Samsung is slowly shifting its focus to the mid-to-low end market. The company has reportedly decided that it will regularly introduce new tech and certain innovations in midrange devices ahead of the flagship S and Note series, something that we have already witnessed with the presence of a dual-lens selfie camera on the Galaxy A8.

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Apparently, the Galaxy S10 will be the first to borrow this technology from the Galaxy A8 and feature a dual-lens selfie camera. However, the report mentions that only some variants of the S10 will get this technology and since we’ve heard that Samsung is working on three variants, it’s likely that the 5-inch base model will be the one to miss out on this feature. In any case, it’s the Galaxy S10 and S10+ that should adopt this technology, with the latter rumored to come with a massive 6.44-inch display screen.

The Bell has previously reported that while the Galaxy S10 will come with a 3D sensor, it will be located on the back of the phone and be used for AR purposes, much like the Asus ZenFone AR. It has also been mooted that the standard and plus variants will adopt in-display fingerprint scanning technology while the entry-level variant could debut with a side-mounted scanner.

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We still have several months between now and MWC 2019, which is when the Galaxy S10 is expected to be launched. A lot can change between now and then, so be sure to take all these reports with some form of skepticism.

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