Samsung Galaxy S10 3D sensor won’t be used for Face Unlock

Samsung Galaxy S9 stock ROM

After Apple successfully installed a 3D sensor on the iPhone X for facial authentication purposes, pressure has been mounting in Samsung’s camp with fans expecting similar innovation – or something equally game-changing – from the Korean tech giant.

Expectations were high that the Galaxy S9 would be the game changer, but fans were disappointed when the company came up with what is a mere iteration of the Galaxy S8. Apparently, Samsung was reportedly not ready to go this direction, but beginning with the Samsung Galaxy S10, you can expect to come across a 3D sensor, only that it won’t be serving the purpose we all expected, The Bell reports.

According to the Korean publication, the Galaxy S10 will ship with a 3D sensor, but this one will be placed on the back panel. This is because the sensor won’t have anything to do with facial authentication; rather, it will be there for augmented reality purposes, much like the Asus ZenFone AR.

As for authentication, the Galaxy S10 will reportedly come with an in-display fingerprint scanner. There have been reports that development of the iris scanner has been on mute mode, suggesting that the S10 may ditch this feature, however, since the final specs sheet won’t be done until August, there may still be room for changes here and there.                                                                                     

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