Samsung Galaxy Note 8 still coming, mobile chief confirms

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series is to live on and not die out just yet. The Galaxy Note line was first introduced back in 2011, when its main USP was the capacitive Stylus, or the S-Pen, as Samsung calls it. It was meant to be a replacement of the paper notepad and for the most part it did so.

The Galaxy Note line-up held its ground well until 2016, even that Note 7 was regarded as the best device on earth by many. When all was going well, and Samsung’s attempt at showcasing the curved display in 2014 CES to perfect its curves for best in-hand feeling with the Note 7, bearing fruits, the bomb dropped: Note 7 began catching fire, which eventually led to its recall, that didn’t work, leading to another total recall and discontinuation of the device.

That even laid to rumors that the Note series was so damaged brand-wise, that Samsung would give up on it.

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But wait, the Note series will bounce back, and seems to be having full backing of Samsung’s mobile chief, DJ Koh, who had this to say.

We found through the investigative process that there are lots and lots of loyal Note customers”.

So, all Galaxy Note lovers, you will see the Note 8 in action — not involving fire and burns — come October again, when Samsung should unveil the Galaxy Note 8 to the world. Unless they skip a number again.