Samsung Galaxy J4, J6 and J8 are part of Samsung’s 2018 lineup

galaxy j7 neo update

A list of upcoming Samsung Galaxy phones has been uncovered, potentially giving us a clue of what to expect from the Korean company this 2018.

The list, which was found in a leaked Galaxy Note 8 Oreo beta build by folks at the XDA Developers forums, contains codenames of yet to be unveiled Samsung phones and tablets, including the Galaxy S9 and S9+, which we know will arrive at the MWC 2018 later this month.

Here’re the codenames and the devices they represent:

  • astarqlte – Samsung Galaxy S9 Active (Snapdragon)
  • c10lte – Samsung Galaxy C10
  • c10plte – Samsung Galaxy C10 Plus
  • crown – Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • degasy18wifi
  • grandppirislte
  • gtaxlad
  • gta2xl – Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2018
  • gtesy18lte – Samsung Galaxy Tab E 2018
  • gts4llte – Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
  • j2y18lte – Samsung Galaxy J2 2018
  • j3neolte – Samsung Galaxy J3 Neo
  • j3topelte
  • j4lte – Samsung Galaxy J4
  • j6lte – Samsung Galaxy J6
  • j7topelte
  • j7toplte
  • j8lte – Samsung Galaxy J8
  • jackpotlte
  • jackpotqlte
  • jackpot2lte
  • jackpot2qlte
  • kellylte
  • lugelte
  • star – Samsung Galaxy S9
  • star2 – Samsung Galaxy S9+

We also know that the Galaxy Note 8 will get a successor later this year in the shape of Galaxy Note 9 and apparently, this handset is also on the leaked list. The list also contains codenames for predictable devices such as Galaxy S9 Active, Galaxy Tab S4, Tab A 10.1 2018, Tab E 2018, Galaxy J7 2018, Galaxy J3 2018, Galaxy J2 2018 and Galaxy J3 Neo.

However, it appears that Samsung has a number of surprises being lined up this year. It was also discovered that the company will release a set of brand new phones in Galaxy J4, Galaxy J6 and Galaxy J8.

The Galaxy J series is one of Samsung’s best-performing smartphones and it makes sense to see Samsung trying to take advantage of the increasing demand for budget phones by providing more options for buyers. Of course, our assumption is that the Galaxy J4 will fit between the J3 and J5 while the J7 will now be sandwiched between the J6 and J8, with the latter expected to be the premium version of all.

Besides the budget Galaxy J series, Samsung is also planning to expand its midrange segment by adding new Galaxy C10 and C10 Plus handsets. The C10 pair was rumored to launch in 2017, but it never materialized. Looking at this list, this could be the year the two come to life.

In the same leak, configuration files pointing to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor were also found, suggesting that Samsung is working on a device powered by this chipset. Looking at how Samsung has positioned the C series, it’s possible that the C10 and C10 Plus will be the ones using the SDM660 chipset.

While the folks at XDA believe the phone codenamed “jackpot” could be the rumored foldable Galaxy X, we have reason to believe otherwise. The “jackpot” codename represents the Galaxy A8 2018 family, as you can see in the image above, which suggests their successors could be ready before the end of the year, typically somewhere towards the end of Q4.

Note that the leak only gave out codenames, but the folks at XDA worked out the device names they supposedly represent. If you want to get a better idea of how they came to their conclusions, click here.

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