Samsung Galaxy C10 Plus (SM-C9150) replaces the C10 (SM-C9100) project [Rumor]

Galaxy C10

Since the last week, we’ve been receiving a lot of speculation regarding the upcoming Galaxy C10 from Samsung. The smartphone has been clouded in mystery already — and today’s rumor take it one step further, claiming that the device in the works is in fact Galaxy C10 Plus, carrying model no. SM-C9150, instead of what it was known so far, the Galaxy C10. This morsel of information came about from popular leakster going by twitter handle mmddj_china.

Does this mean that we’ll only get to see one variant of the device going by model number SM-C9150? That’s too early to tell, for all we know, another variant of the device may carry a different name.

Previously, we had presumed that the device may be the first to feature dual cameras from Samsung, only to be put under doubt when this creepy case came out sporting only a single camera spacing at center of the back, but to our good god, today’s leak about C10, err, that’s C 10 Plus, revealed something we wanted to see: a case with dual camera housing, and a dedicated Bixby button.

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But we’re all really hoping to see Samsung make the jump to the dual lens generation. That hope was again rekindled with new leaks (phew! A lot of leaks eh?) revealing cases supporting a dual camera device.

As Samsung particularly shines in camera tech, the OEM is sure to max out the upcoming Galaxy C10 Plus. The C10 Plus may end up being a powerhouse of a device, with rumors revealing that it will be powered by newly announced — and expected to be the best processor for mid-range devices to come in 2017 — Snapdragon 660 processor by Qualcomm. And a 6gigs of RAM, which is kinda obvious since C9 Pro already had it.

Do take all of this with a grain of salt, though, as it’s based off rumors alone.

Via: mmddj china