S-Off HTC One M8 using Firewater Binaries

First Root and now S-off for HTC One M8, this will be a great news to the HTC One M8 owners who are eagerly waiting to get rid of some bloat-ware apps from the company as well as the developers who are waiting to show their charm on the the HTC M8. Well, this is the time and no more waiting. You can now s-off your HTC One M8 with the firewater binaries available for your device.

The Firewater developers team comprising of popular XDA recognised developers beaups and Fuses recently announced that the S-off was achieved on their twitter handle @firewaterdevs. The binaries were successfully tested on many variants of HTC One M8 and the results are positive all over. Here is the S-off’ed HTC One M8’s picture:

htc-one-m8-s-offAchieving S-Off with Firewater is easy to achieve. Here are some pre-requisite for achieving S-off on your HTC M8

  1. Working adb on your PC.  Yes, that means OS X, linux, Windows, etc. are all supported.
    • HTC drivers installed and working
    • HTC sync removed (not closed – REMOVED)
    • All other phone software removed or disabled (Samsung Kies, PDANet, etc.)
  2. A working internet connection ON YOUR DEVICE – wifi, 3g, 4g, etc. are all supported.  There is no way around this requirement, don’t ask.
  3.  USB debugging enabled on your device
  4. Your device must be HTCDEV unlocked/rooted or have a working temproot.  A temproot that works with many modern (not all) HTC devices is provided below.
  5. Do not attempt to run firewater from a terminal emulator on your device.  You MUST use adb along with a PC.

If you all set with the above pre-requisites, head on to the firewater instructions page linked below to S-off your HTC One M8.


Be excited about the further developments for your new HTC One M8.