Root and Unroot Sony Tablet S Using S.onyTablet.S ALLinONE Tool

The S.onyTablet.S ALLinONE tool is a new all-in-one tool for the Sony Tablet S, which lets you run some pretty important hacks and modifications on your Tablet S, such as rooting and unrooting, downloading update zips on the tablet and more. Made by XDA member condi, the tool should come in pretty handy as it puts some really useful functions for the Tablet S in a single place.

Here’s a full list of what the tool can do:

  1. Root.
  2. Unroot.
  3. Install ‘rescue-backdoor’ for protection against bootloops.
  4. Run OTA (Over-the-Air) ZIP autodownloader.
  5. Toggle OTA system updates and notifications.
  6. Install init.d support.
  7. Run ADB shell from PC.
  8. Reboot device.

Most of the above functions already have separate tools available for them, but the S.onyTablet.S tool brings them all together into a single package, reducing the hassle of keeping and using different apps for each. The developer is open to suggestions for more functions to be added, so you should see some new features in the future.

So head on over to the original development page of the S.onyTablet.S ALLinONE tool to download it and get more information about it. Share your thoughts on the tool in the comments.