Restore Droid Razr with One Click. With Root Retained.

XDA member globed has just released a One-click tool for the Droid Razr. The tool does two important things — 1) It restores the device in the event of a soft brick, which is definitely a handy thing to have in the event of a flash gone bad. & 2) It retains root after the restore — again a very handy thing to have around. It can be frustrating to restore a device and realize that you no longer have root. So definitely a useful tool to have.

The One-Click restore tool has been developed and tested currently only on the Motorola Droid Razr (CDMA) and will not work on the GSM version of the Razr, although globed is working on developing a GSM version of the tool as well, along with further development on the existing one.

Download Links

You can download the OneClick Restore Tool HERE.
Filename:   Size: 1.16 Gb

You need to have all the proper Motorola Drivers installed on your PC.  You can get them from HERE.

The steps and methods included in this guide are considered risky. Please do not attempt to try this unless you know exactly what you are doing, as it may render your device unusable, and your pocket lighter by the amount it takes to replace it. You have been forewarned!!!

How to use the One-Click restore tool

  1. Download the OneClick Restore tool from the link provided above and extract the contents of the “” file
  2. Hold Volume up and Power key until your phone shuts off. And when it’s off quickly press and hold both Volume up and down keys together to get into AP fastboot mode.
  3. Open up the folder you extracted the contents of the zip file to in Step 1, and launch the “Run Me” file
  4. Connect your phone to your PC via USB cable, and press enter to start the script.
  5. That’s it! Let the tool run the script. Once it is complete, you should have restored your device with root access retained.

You can visit the original development thread HERE, to check for updates and read about what other users have experienced with this tool. If you have any thoughts that you want to share with us, do feel free to use the comments below.