Report: Real HTC One M9 will have a different design than the leaked ones

HTC One M9 leaks have been making a lot of noise lately this week with rumored specs, leaked design and even camera samples. And while specifications are looking fine for a flagship device, it’s the design of One M9 that’s being criticized the most because it is very much similar to its predecessor, HTC One M8.

But here’s some good news, a recent report from HTC Source suggests that the leaked design was only a decoy, the real HTC One M9 will look different and will feature a similar front camera setup like the HTC Desire 826. Alos, the device will have an edge-to-edge display with BoomSound speaker slits on front, instead of the grill that we have seen in M7 and M8.


This sounds like a great design, slits for speakers should look much better than the grills on front. And the edge-to-edge display should help improve the screen to body ratio further, plus also give the device a bit more appealing look.

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via HTC Source

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