Possible HTC One M9 Camera Samples Leaked

A lot of rumors are going on about HTC’s upcoming flagship HTC One M9, and things are now really lining up with leaks from very trusted sources now. Thanks to Phandroid, we received some clear pictures of HTC One M9 yesterday and now the site seems to have gotten hands on some camera samples arguably taken with HTC One M9.

The leaked camera samples come from a Flickr account of a HTC employee and seems to be taken with two mysterious devices “0PJA10” and “0PJA13”. Back in December @upleaks reported that HTC Hima (One M9) would go to the “0PJA” series and HTC Hima Ultra/Plus to “0PK7” series, so this really tells us that these could really be taken with the HTC One M9.

However, the camera samples in question here boasts a resolution of 3,024 x 5,376 which translates 16MP only, not the 20MP camera we have been seeing in leaked HTC One M9 specs. But if we look at the aspect ratio of these images, which is 16:9, it falls in line with the rumored 20.7MP camera on the HTC One M9.

It still can’t be claimed with full surety that these are indeed the camera samples of HTC One M9, but the facts that these pictures come from an HTC employee and has the “0PJA10” model number tagged to them, it only makes us look positively to them.

As far as the picture quality goes, well, it’s poor. But then, the device and its software is under development at this moment, so this should get fixed before release.

via Phandroid

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