Reddit Talk Comparison: Vs Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and Discord

Reddit, as per its own claims, is the front page of the internet. Millions of Redditors use the service every day to exchange raw, valuable information, which has allowed the platform to emerge as a goldmine of untapped potential. The moderators of sub-Reddits are in charge of keeping the discussions civil and to the point. They also make sure their threads are easily accessible and there’s enough engagement from the members. 

Threads, photo competitions, GIF marts, and live sessions are plenty exciting, of course, but they aren’t close to what ClubHouse — an app that enables auditory communication through rooms — delivers. Developers over at Reddit took note of the situation and are preparing to bring a similar chatting feature to Reddit. Today, we’ll take a look at what it is, how it would work, and whether it has the potential to match up to the likes of Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. 

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What is Reddit Talk? 

Reddit Talk is the latest addition to the exciting and budding world of social audio services. Clubhouse, Twitter, and Discord already have their own iteration of audio-only group hangouts, and Reddit is eager to join the party. Reddit Talk would grant moderators of sub-Reddits the option to host audio-only hangout sessions, which means that every sub-Reddit would have the option to host their own parties. Also, since this service is for subreddits only, you wouldn’t find a Talk session while casually browsing through Reddit.

Who can get access to Reddit Talk?

As per Reddit’s announcement, this new service is currently exclusive to the moderators of subreddits. If they are chosen to be a part of the project in the initial phases, they would be able to host Reddit Talk shows on their channels and participants would be allowed to chip in. They would have the option of inviting speakers, removing them, putting participants on mute, and even eventually adding others as co-hosts to take the load off. We all know about the struggles Clubhouse faced in terms of moderation. So, it’s refreshing to see Reddit treat the rollout much more cautiously. 

Reddit Talk vs Clubhouse

When it comes to audio-only social networking services, Clubhouse can be dubbed as the unabashed pioneer that started it all. However, like every notable, new invention, Clubhouse didn’t get to keep its exclusivity. Now, with a powerhouse like Reddit joining the pack, the competition is getting fiercer by the minute. Let’s check out how the new service holds up against the one that started it all. 


It works just like Clubhouse and allows you to host voice chat sessions through rooms. The hosts of the sessions can allow participants to speak after they raise their hands. Like Clubhouse, Reddit Talk puts the speaker right at the top, while the listeners sit underneath. They are allowed to react with emojis and the options to mute and ban are also present like Clubhouse. 


Reddit Talk is definitely based on Clubhouse, but it doesn’t shy away from trying a couple of new stuff. For starters, participants get a bunch of Reddit-only emojis to work with and Reddit is determined to bring new background options for the hosts of Reddit Talk sessions. Unlike Clubhouse, which is exclusive to iOS, Reddit Talk would be available on both Android and iOS devices when it finally rolls out. Reddit is also working on specific modes to facilitate AMAs and other types of audio conversations. And, of course, Reddit Talk is currently exclusive to the moderators of subreddits, but the situation is likely to change in the future. 

Reddit Talk vs Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces came out a couple of months ago, hoping to capitalize on the audio-only social network buzz that Clubhouse created. 


Like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, too, allows you — the host — to communicate with your audience through audio chats, inside the little rooms you create. You can invite others to speak, and you have a bunch of moderation tools available to you — ban, remove, and mute. 


For starters, Reddit Talk is being released for both Android and iOS, while Spaces is only available for iOS users at this point. Twitter Spaces allows you to invite up to 10 speakers to speak. Reddit Talk hasn’t defined a range at this point. Most importantly, Twitter Spaces is meant to be public, while Reddit Talk is set to reside inside subreddits only. 

Reddit Talk vs Discord

Apart from the two major players, Reddit Talk is set to contend with Discord, which happens to be a leader in the competitive gaming scene. 


Both services do an excellent job at connecting you with your audience, inside closed confines. You can assign roles to make moderation — muting, removing, banning — a breeze. Like Reddit Talk, Discord is free for all and is likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future. 


Discord is arguably the most polished of the lot and offers a neat interface across all platforms — Android, iOS, Desktop, and even Web. It focuses more on the gaming aspect, of course, but you won’t feel awkward using it as your daily chat app. On Discord, you can add new verification filters for new users, which makes moderating the channels a lot easier. 

How to get access to Reddit Talk

If you are a moderator of a sub-Reddit, you are in the running for trying out Reddit Talk. However, since Reddit is pretty cautious about letting people have access to the service, your odds might not be the best out there. Still, if you feel confident and want to try out your luck, click here to sign up for the Reddit Talk waitlist. 

What are the features of Reddit Talk?

Reddit Talk is in the early stages of development, which is why it’s not yet available for all users. Still, if you’re intrigued by the premise, you might be wondering what Reddit Talk has in store for you.

First and foremost, you get the option to host high-quality audio chats, which, we believe, is the sweet spot when it comes to global interaction. Not only are participants more comfortable than traditional video chats, but they also feel the intimacy of audio sessions.

As a moderator, you’ll get to add new members to the Reddit Talk rooms and allow users to talk when they raise their hands. You can, of course, remove members from the rooms and stop them in their tracks if they are making an objectionable speech. Finally, Reddit is also working on a co-hosting feature, which would allow moderators to elect a co-host from the list of sub-Reddit members.

Members are allowed to join in any ongoing Reddit Talk session, listen in, and react with witty emojis. Eventually, users would be able to change their avatars, tweak background colors, and more.

Is Reddit Talk any good?

It’s too early to deliver the verdict as the application hasn’t even rolled out to the masses. However, by the looks of it, Reddit Talk surely looks like a winner. It should allow moderators of subreddits to get closer to the group members, giving them a sense of camaraderie. Additionally, depending on the type of subreddit, moderators can use Reddit Talk to host AMA sessions, answer technical queries, explain how the group is being moderated, or even offer the members a place to chill. The possibilities are endless at this point, and it would be up to the crafty moderators to use the new feature to their group’s advantage. 

How to use Reddit Talk

Reddit Talk is an exciting new addition, for sure, and it’s rather straightforward to work with.

Initiating a Talk

Only the moderators of subreddits would be able to initiate a Talk session. The option to initiate a Talk would be available for them on the dashboard itself.

Joining a Talk

When a Talk session is underway, any Redditor of the said sub-Reddit would be able to listen in. They can raise their hands and let the moderators know that they wish to speak.

Allowing someone to talk

The moderator of a Reddit Talk session can very easily swipe up from the bottom of the app screen to see the pending requests to speak. If they feel like it, they can invite others to talk and pitch in with their thoughts.


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