Razer Phone 3 may still be coming in 2019

Razer Phone 3 rumors

Last month, DroidLife surprisingly shared an anonymous tip that Razer may have decided to call off the manufacturing of its latest mobile device, the Razer Phone 3. The company has been famous in the gaming industry, known for making gaming devices and gadgets, along with gaming accessories.

In the last two years, it has also made its mark in the mobile phone industry, with the introduction of Razer Phone and Razer Phone 2.

The phones came out flaunting the first-ever 120Hz display in a mobile device, and also sported a glass panel on the back with RGB-controlled logo. Along with these unique features, the phones also delved into bigger batteries and dual stereo speakers. These features were highly appreciated by Razer’s community, who was eager to have a look at the phone’s next edition, the Razer Phone 3. DroidLife’s report of possible cancellation may have disappointed the community.

DroidLife’s source was further backed up when Razer officially announced that they have decided to close their Razer Game Store. Upon further clarification with the company, DroidLife reported that Razer has laid out 30 employees (about 2% of their total employees) and many others were transferred from their mobile division. The report indicated that Razer may have completely lost their interest in mobile manufacturing.

However, DigiTimes yesterday came out with another report which contradicts DroidLife. According to them, the Razer Phone 3 may still be coming. Although they called the device ‘Razer 3’, we’re highly dubious that Razer would suddenly change their line-up’s name, and suspect that it was most likely a typing error.

To further excite disappointed fans, they also reported that the latest edition of the Razer Phone will most likely come out in 2019. It looks like Razer doesn’t want to call off its bets in the mobile industry after having invested in two phones already. We’re looking forward to seeing what they may have in store for us next, considering their reputation in the gaming industry.