Factory images for Razer Phone 2 Android Pie update now available

Razer Phone 2 factory image

The nerdy smartphone user will understand the need to have access to things like factory images, especially when it comes to rooting, ROMing and related operations.

This is the person that will understand why it’s great to see Razer release the latest Android 9 Pie factory images for its current flagship phone, the Razer Phone 2. The images are available for both the global and carrier variants, although the latter is only for something called CKH.

Even better is that users of the global model are also receiving an OTA update that installs audio fixes and improvements, the latest GMS apps, and general bug fixes and performance improvements.

Razer Phone 2 update

So far, the factory image for the AT&T variant isn’t available yet, but it should be up for download soon.


→ Global images
→ Carrier images for 3

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