Quickly Add Contacts on your Android Phone with SuperContact app

Adding and maintaining contacts in your phone book could be cumbersome in times. For instance you have received a call from your friend from his new number which is not saved on your device. You intend to save that number later on but forgot to do so, then it is painful to search that number through your call logs and then save it if you’re lucky to find it. This is one of the most happening scenarios in our day-to-day busy lives. The SuperContact app provides the best solution for this problem.

The SuperContact app is a brilliant app that monitors the incoming and outgoing calls on your device and then quickly cross verifies the number with your Phonebook to determine the unknown numbers. The beauty of the app lies with its dormant functionality i.e it stays quiet without the user’s notice until an unknown number is detected. So the app doesn’t bother the user with unnecessary prompts.

When the SuperContact detects an unknown number, it triggers a pop-up asking if you would like to add that person as a contact. So it is easy to add the contact from the pop-up rather than adding the number from stock contact manager. With the pop-up feature you will never forget to add the number to your contacts if it is necessary. If the number is not of any importance to you, you can simply deny the prompt and carry on with your work.

SuperContact provides a clean, simple interface for you to quickly add new contacts to your device without delaying the task any further. The app seriously provides what it advertises and doesn’t require any unnecessary permissions to run. The app is perfectly lightweight and doesn’t consume much of your RAM or drain your battery quickly. You can also set the default contact account from the app settings.

So without any further delay, download the app from the Playstore link provided below and let the SuperContact to manage your new Contacts.

The Good:
  • Simple and Clean interface
  • Light weight app
  • Intuitive pop-ups to add new contacts
The Bad:
  • Nothing yet.

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