Qualcomm has Snapdragon 836 processor in the making?

Snapdragon 836 processor

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 SoC is found in high-end Android smartphones such as the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, Xiaomi Mi6, HTC U11, Sony Xperia XZ Premium etc. It would power even on an upcoming Motorola flagship, and a future Android TV, and rumors have also started creeping onto the tech scene about the Snapdragon 845 chipset that has leaked from Qualcomm’s own website.

Yet, it appears as though Qualcomm is planning to update the Snapdragon 835 this year with what could be a minor one, in the form of Snapdragon 836 processor. That’s the suggestion from Chinese social site Weibo, where the Snapdragon 836 is mentioned by name by a popular leakster.

Is there an Snapdragon 821 over 820 processor like upgrade in the works?

The Snapdragon 836 can best be seen as an incremental successor to the Snapdragon 835 in the same way that the Snapdragon 821 (found in the new LG G6 and 2016’s Google Pixel and Pixel XL) is an incremental successor to the Snapdragon 820. We also know that Samsung has had something of an exclusive on the Snapdragon 835 and that LG is partnering with Qualcomm to bring the Snapdragon 845 to next year’s LG G7 flagship.

The Snapdragon 836, like the 835, will be made based on Samsung’s own 10-nanometer FinFET process, we presume, as the best improvements will be saved for 2018.

The Snapdragon 836 — if it really exists — should be appearing in like 2-3 months from now, in the same way SD821 came out, probably powering the next gen of Google Pixel devices, dubbed as Pixel 2 by the rumor mill. And even the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Via Weibo