Manage Device Notifications Seamlessly From Your Desktop/Laptop Using Pushbullet, and Also Transfer and Share Files

Ever have one of those days, where you have a lot of work, and you’re expecting an important text from someone? It becomes quite a hassle juggling between the laptop and the phone. Pushbullet offers a way out of this.

Pushbullet shows your notifications right on your desktop, so you can check why your phone is constantly buzzing without having to actually check it every 2 minutes. Neat, isn’t it?

You can also share files (pics, videos, etc.) and links between your devices, and friends too! Not only that, whether it’s Google Maps address of places, or reminders or even checklists, everything is supported. Transfer from Android to other Android devices and PC and vice versa is fully supported.

All you have to do is add your devices in your account. Pushbullet uses your Google account, so you already have all your friends right there.

The UI of the Pushbullet is also kept very updated. The developer has followed KitKat design guidelines (translucent bars and such) which makes the overall experience of using this app a great one.

After reading all this, you’re probably wondering how much this app costs. Nothing! That’s right, it costs nothing. It is free to download in the Play Store. Another upside is that despite being free, it doesn’t have any ads (which is a favorite among most users).

The Good:
  • Easy to use
  • Send links, pics, any file, Google Maps address, checklist, etc from Android to PC/Android
  • Doesn’t even requires a PC software (a chrome/firefox extension/addon on PC is all you need)
  • Free
  • No ads
  • Updated frequently
  • Interactive UI
  • Light on system resources (on both the phone and the desktop)
The Bad:
  • Maximum size of files to send is limited to 25 MB — which is, in fact, not too bad!

Get it on the play store! We know you want to.


Be sure to install the Pushbullet extension (for Chrome) or Addon (for Firefox), too.


Video Overview of Pushbullet Android App
Pushbullet Overview
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