What’s new in PUBG Mobile 0.11 update: Minigun-M134, Zombie Mode, and more

PUBG Mobile is easily one of the best games ever to come to Android. The game has amassed millions of fans in several regions and Tencent has been releasing new updates regularly to add new features to the game.

The new updates bring some cool new features such as new weapons, vehicles, maps and more. This keeps fans glued to their smartphones and are ever ready battle in out in the game to grab the ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ title.

Tencent recently released the 0.10.5 update for PUBG Mobile which brought along the Mk47 Mutant, Laser Sight attachment, Classic Voice, and a few more additions apart from Season 5.

It’s now time to take a look at what all we might get to see with the official PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update. This new update would bring along some epic new guns as well as the much awaited Zombie Mode.

Let’s take a look at everything new in the 0.11.0 update which would be available soon.

Zombie Mode

Finally, the much awaited Zombie Mode would be available with the 0.11.0 update as Tencent Games has partnered up with Resident Evil 2 to add the Zombie Mode in the game which would be called Resident Evil: Sunset mode.

Players would have to go up against waves upon waves of zombies which are even more powerful at night. Killing zombies would provide the players with all sorts of loot to continue the on-going zombie slaughter.

Not only are there regular zombies, but you’d also face some huge zombies as well that deal a ton of damage if you’re near them. In fact, there would be ‘spitting’ zombies as well which could attack you even if you manage to make your way over a building hence there’s no way to escape the onslaught.

While playing the Zombie mode you need to battle against other players as well which is what makes the Zombie Mode sure exciting and challenging at the same time.

New Vehicles

We’re also going to get two new vehicles added in the 0.11.0 update for PUBG Mobile. These new vehicles would be ‘map’ exclusive and would not be available in any other map apart from the map they are meant to be in.

The new vehicles are as follows:

Snow bike: The new snow bike would also be available in the Vikendi map as you might have guessed already.

Tukhsai: This is basically an auto-rickshaw that we would get to see exclusively on the Sanhok map.

New guns

We’re also going to see the addition of at least two new guns with the PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update and could possibly also see a new weapon as well which we’ll talk more about later.

M134 Minigun

This epic new machine gun it would be available only in the Zombie Mode. The gun features a 200 round magazine which takes 7.62 ammo. Yes! you read that right.

The Minigun is specifically introduced for the Zombie Mode so that players can lay down the law with a barrage of high damage bullets in-game. The M134 is super cool and would have the highest mag capacity in the game with the latest update.

Although you have to keep in mind that the gun takes about a second or two to begin spraying down bullets and chews through ammo rapidly. Nonetheless, this new gun would definitely be a crowd favorite in Zombie Mode.


It’s currently not yet confirmed if the G36C would be coming in the new 0.11.0 update; however, there are high chances we might see the gun added with the new update.

The G36C was added to PUBG PC about a month ago and has replaced the SCAR-L in the new Vikendi Map. The gun uses 5.56 ammo and would only be exclusive to the Vikendi Snow map.

The gun has a 30 round mag; however, can be bumped up to 40 rounds with an Extended Mag. The firing rate is a tad faster to that of the SCAR-L and also offers better stability at close to medium range.

The G36C does not have a burst-fire mode and only can be switched between Single and Auto mode.

Flamethrower (unconfirmed)

Before you get all excited, we’d suggest taking this information with a pinch of salt since this is unconfirmed; however, a few videos showing off the epic new flamethrower are surfacing on YouTube.

The Flamethrower would be a close range weapon as expected and would only be available in the Zombie Mode. The fire-spitting weapon wouldn’t use traditional ammo; however, it would require ‘Gas Boosters’ to operate.

We do expect to see the Flamethrower in the latest update since it makes sense adding the weapon in Zombie mode; however, it seems we’ll just have to wait for the official update to be sure.

Vikendi map would no longer be in Beta

With the new update, the Vikendi Map would finally be out of beta.  While you might not notice any drastic changes to the map there would be a couple of minor improvements which make the gameplay more stable when playing on the map.


What new weapon or feature are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below.

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