Private SMS & Call Android App: Hide Specific Numbers in Your Call and SMS Logs and Conversation too


With the Private SMS and Call android app, you can hide specific numbers from your Call and SMS logs. It also helps you hide your personal conversations with specific numbers and can also block specific numbers black listed by you.

‘Private SMS and Call’ will move the private conversation to a private place to secure your confidentiality. Furthermore, there are customizable filters to block more private requests. Functions like caller ignore, calls reject, and block number are also provided by SPC for perfect security.

Some users, however, are complaining about this feature. According to them, if your regular text box is open and someone texts from the private number, it shows up in the regular inbox (ie. isn’t hidden automatically in this scenario) and will stay there unless you delete it. This app, called SPC in short, also doesn’t support delivery message for private SMS and doesn’t show the total number of typed characters. Moreover, it has restrictions on pictures too.

The best advantage of this feature is, it blocks all the unwanted texts and calls from the stalkers and hides phone contacts. The best part is it’s free. If your friends are always curious about your phone logs then this is the best way to hide all your private stuff from them. So, get this exciting feature on your android phone and keep your privacy locked.

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  1. hi, do u know how can I remove a private conversation back to normal folder? thanks

  2. hi, do u know how can I remove a private conversation back to normal folder? thanks

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