Price of T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 ($199) and One S (Free) reduced for Black Friday

Black Friday, coming up today, offers the perfect opportunity to grab bargain deals on products that are otherwise priced much higher. And this year is no different. With retailers, as well as carriers offering awesomely sweet deals on various best-selling products, there is always a scramble to get the best one. And if it happens to be for the latest phablet from Samsung’s Galaxy stable, more so.

T-Mobile has outed, what could be the best Black Friday deal this year, for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which was released a little under a month ago in the US. You can grab one for just $199, post a mail-in rebate, if you order it online from the T-Mobile web store.

And if you thought this was good, TMO is also offering the HTC One S for FREE. No mail-in rebates involved, just a free awesome device, in return for a two-year sign up.

Needless to say, the standard two-year commitment would apply for both. But you’re getting a state-of-the-art device, which is gonna be pretty much future prof for the next couple of years, so the two-year contract shouldn’t be any cause for botheration.

If this is exactly what you were waiting for, you’re going to have to act fast, as this deal is only valid through Friday 11/23, and is web-only. So fire up that browser, and hit the link below to get these awesome devices at a bargain price today.

Get the Galaxy Note 2 from T-Mobile   |  Get the HTC One S from T-Mobile

Via Unwired View