Poeltl Unlimited: How to Play Poeltl More Than Once

Anyone who has played Poeltl before can attest to the fact that it is an extremely esoteric game that is brutally cold to a player who has little understanding of the NBA league inside out. But, if you are an ardent fan with a deep understanding of the nuances of the league, then the actual difficulty involved is the main incentive that propels you to play the game.

If you haven’t caught on yet, Poeltl is a wordle variant for NBA fans that comes as a daily challenge for players to figure out the mystery NBA player of the day in 8 attempts. It is addictive enough that soon you’d be craving for more than one allotted daily challenge. But, is there a way to play Poeltl unlimited, though? Let’s find out.

Poeltl Unlimited: How to Play Poeltl Without Limit

Poeltl, as it is, is limited to one game per day. Once the game resets, you cannot play a previous game on the live game website either. Although the Wordle variant is widely popular among NBA enthusiasts, it still hasn’t manage to gain clone of its own that let you play more than once a day.

As established above, you cannot play more than once a day on a browser; however, if you want to replay a game when run out of chances, you can 4 options before you:

Method 1: Replay a game in an incognito window.

You can repeat the same game (a challenge on a given day) as many times as it takes to figure it out on your own if you play on the incognito window of your browser. Make sure to close the window completely and start on a new incognito after each game to make it work.

Method 2: Replay in a different browser

An alternative way to replay a Poelt is by using different browsers. Since you can take a challenge (win or lose) only once a day on a browser, migrate to a different browser to continue the quest for the answer. This option, again, is only to replay the same challenge on a given date and not start a new challenge.

Method 3: Play on a different device

The restriction of one game per day makes it so that you can only take a challenge once on a browser. For example, you can retake the same Poeltl challenge on a given date if you attempt to play on a different device like a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Method 4: Play older games

Another way to play more than one day a game is retaking older Poeltl challenges.

Simply visit this link to find how to play old Poeltl games.

Although there is no official Poeltl archive that will serve to this end, you can still play older Poeltl games if you resort to the following options:

  • changing the system date on your computer to a previous date,
  • changing the system date on your phone to a previous date, or
  • going to a Poeltl challenge through Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

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None of the methods above will give you an unlimited supply of Poeltl games, nor are the challenges new and untried. In a nutshell, the only way at present to play unlimited Poeltl games is by retaking a daily challenge or replaying the previous challenges.

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