Pineapple 13 Card Poker on Android: Release Date and Alternatives

Poker games are a great way to pass time. They help players hone their strategy skills as well as improve their bluffing abilities to get the best of their competition. More and more companies have started taking to the mobile platform to introduce new and improved versions of the games to help give players a better playing field. A new release for iOS, the ‘Pineapple 13 Card Poker’ seems to be taking people by storm. Let’s take a look at it.

What is Pineapple 13 Card Poker?

This is a new app released by Pineapple Games Ltd. that allows you to play poker among friends and random players without ever having to create an account. The game offers an inbuilt AI that learns and increases difficulty on a dynamic basis as you progress through the game. Apart from casual games, you also get access to 3 handed games between friends, regular open-faced Chinese poker, pineapple OFC and 2-7 lowball OFC.

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What makes Pineapple 13 Card Poker stand out from the competition?

Pineapple 13 Card poker is the only RNG certified game that genuinely deals with random cards. Most poker games out there employ algorithms that are closed source. This means that the devs can manipulate it any time and the results of most games are often not genuine. While this is not used to target specific players generally, such closed source algorithms are used to create paywalls that will force you to buy in-game currency.

They are also known to create affirmation loops where the AI will make you win big amounts, only to have you lose them all in the next game. Pineapple 13 Card Poker’s RNG certification helps eliminate such scenarios by employing true randomized card generation for each player.

It is also the only app currently available on the market that comes with ‘2 on the button’ variant for poker as well as the only game to offer 3 handed games between friends. It has reliable servers and the ability to create @usernames. The app also does not mandate the use of Facebook or Google unlike most poker apps currently available on the market.

Is Pineapple 13 Card Poker available on Android?

While the game has been released for iOS, there is no Android version in sight yet. Many Android users have been clawing to get their hands regarding any information about the version to no avail. But there is good news of course.

According to a recent update posted by Pineapple Games from their official twitter account, the Android app seems to be out of beta and ready for early public access. According to the company, you can email them at the address below with the subject ‘Android’ and you should get added to the early access.

[email protected]

It also seems that the app was approved on Play Store in May but there has been no update on the progress ever since. You can still try to enroll in the early access for now though.

Alternatives Poker OFC game for Android

While Pineapple 13 Card Poker seems to be ushering in a new era with proprietary in-game mechanics that offer a level playing field, there are still many decent alternatives out there that you can try while you wait for the stable version to come out on the Play Store.

Chinese Poker Offline

Download Link

This is a simple offline game that gives you the ability to play OFC poker right on your Android device. It has high entertainment value and offers a fair playing field and fair card distribution thanks to its offline gameplay. The in-game AI also provides a fun gameplay experience and the game gives you the ability to play with up to 4 different friends locally. You also get access to multiple different themes to change your aesthetic appeal and daily bonuses which will help you get back in the game if you ever end up losing your entire budget.

Days of Poker

Download Link

Days of Poker is an online OFC poker game that has 6 different variants built into it. The game requires a registered account and offers 4 different gameplay options as well. You even get multiplayer tournaments and the ability to match up with in-game friends as well. Not only this, but Days of Poker also creates a detailed profile for you where you can compare all your stats including played hands, won hands, and more. If you are looking for virtual competition and don’t want to battle against an AI, then Days of Poker is a great alternative for you.

Poker Fighter

Download Link

This is not an alternative per se but a platform where you can hone your skills if you are looking to go professional. Poker Fighter gives you professional feedback from current all-star players so that you can improve your skills and go professional. The platform focuses on 6-MAx cash games and you can get online games for $0.25 and $0.50 while live games can range from $1 to $3.

Note: This app is only for players that are older than 18.

When is the Android version for Pineapple 13 Card coming out?

The Android version seems to have been approved by the Play Store back in May according to Pineapple’s official twitter account. The company has been accepting early access applications for two months now so a release seems imminent anytime soon now. The recent release on iOS seems to be in the right direction and we might get to see an Android release in the coming weeks. These are just speculations though and there is no official announcement apart from the early access enrollment yet.

We hope this guide helped you easily access some alternatives on Android for the time being. If you have any more questions for us, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.

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