Phaseglass Needle in Destiny 2: Beyond Light: Everything You Need To Know


Destiny 2: Beyond Light is finally here and although the game has continuously kept us waiting, the game brings a much-anticipated set of new activities and challenges. The latest expansion pack is the fifth of its kind and takes players to one of the iciest moons of Jupiter – Europa where they battle Fallen Kell Eramis who wants to save her people by using the power of the Darkness.

To aid you with the main story plot, you can take advantage of Powerful rewards that you can get from strikes, Gambit, Crucible, and Seasonal drops. To make room for the new additions, Bungie is pushing some of the in-game elements like weapons, destination, armor, and activities to the Destiny Content Vault which can no longer be accessed in upcoming seasons.

So do you get to use Phaseglass Needles in upcoming seasons of the game and what happens to the well-earned Phaseglass Needles that you received during the game’s previous seasons? That’s what we’re here to talk about.

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Can you use existing Phaseglass Needles in Destiny 2: Beyond Light?

Yes. If you have unspent stockpiles of Phaseglass Needles available on your profile, you can continue to spend them at vendors like you normally would. As an alternative escape, players will also be able to obtain a small amount of glimmer in exchange for your Phaseglass Needles if you go to Spider.

Bungie, the game’s developer, says the best value you can get from your existing collectibles like Phaseglass Needles is to spend them before the end of next season.

Would you be able to get more Phaseglass Needles in Beyond Light?

No. If you knew how to get access to Phaseglass Needles in Destiny 2, you’d know that they can only be obtained at a specific location at Planet Io. In case you don’t know, Planet Io is one of the five destinations in Destiny 2 that are being removed and placed in the Destiny Content Vault (DCV). This is to make room for Earth’s Cosmodrome and Europa which are new maps that are available for players to play in.

How the heck do I get phaseglass needle in beyond light? from DestinyTheGame

Planet Io joins Titan, Mars, Mercury, and the Leviathan ship among the locations that are being scrapped in the Beyond Light expansion pack of Destiny 2. The lack of a Planet Io means you will no longer be able to farm for Phaseglass Needles in Destiny 2, translating to the fact that you can’t obtain Phaseglass Needles anymore.

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What happens to Phaseglass Needles in Season 13 Destiny 2?

Phaseglass Needles as well as other currencies found in destinations that are no longer available in Destiny 2 won’t be accepted by vendors after the start of Season 13. What this means is, not only can you not obtain new Phaseglass Needles in Beyond Light, but come another season, all your existing Phaseglass Needles will be removed from your inventory.

Although Bungie has made it clear that Planet Io is being added to the Destiny Content Vault (DCV) and can make a comeback in future iterations of the game, the same cannot be said about Phaseglass Needles which haven’t even been mentioned in the list of content that’s being added to the DCV. So, as far as the future of Phaseglass Needles is concerned, it’s better to just forget about it.

Items, Quests, and currencies NOT to expect in Season 12 or later

Bungie has detailed a list of items, quests, and currencies that will automatically disappear from player inventories in the latest season. If you just started playing Destiny 2: Beyond Light, you should know that these are the items that are being deprecated in Season 12:

  • Advanced Paradox Amplifiers
  • Adventure Tokens
  • All Bounties and Quests from Season of the Forge, Season of the Drifter, and Season of Opulence
  • All Ritual and Pinnacle Weapon Quests (the gear will become available in our Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Archive)
  • Black Armory Schematic Consumables
  • Boons of Opulence
  • BrayTech Schematic
  • Cayde’s Odds and Ends
  • Concentrated Radiolarian Culture
  • Dance Party Keys
  • Expired Ramen Coupons
  • Faction Wars Materials
  • Faded Card
  • Five of Swords Challenge Card
  • Forge Polymers
  • Imperials
  • Letter Fragments
  • Loot-a-Palooza Keys
  • Lost Memory Fragments
  • Modulus Report Consumables
  • Motes (Weak, Middling, Powerful): Collector, Invader, Reaper, Sentry
  • Notes From Cayde
  • Obsidian Accelerators
  • Obsidian Radiance Temper Effect (including those applied on weapons)
  • Override Frequencies
  • Paradox Amplifier
  • Radiant Matrix
  • Radiolarian Culture
  • Rasputin Armory Codes
  • Resonate Stem Consumables
  • Runefinder
  • Synths: Collector, Sentry, Invader, Reaper
  • Tokens: Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, New Monarchy
  • Transcripts
  • Treasure Maps: EDZ, Titan, Io, Nessus, Mercury, Hellas Basin (Mars)
  • Wealth of the Emperor Buffs

In addition to this, Bungie has also already removed the following list of items after the end of Season of Arrivals on November 9, 2020. These include:

  • Season of Arrivals Season Pass and bonuses from the Season Pass (previously earned items from the Season Pass can be claimed here)
  • Season of Arrivals Seal and Forerunner title
  • Emblems and Shader Quests/items from the Season of Arrivals
  • Season of Arrivals introductory quests
  • Prismatic Recaster
  • Umbral Decoder
  • Altered Element
  • Trace Overrides
  • Twisted Energy
  • Unopened Umbral Engrams
  • Gifts of Light & Dark bonuses
  • Contact Public Event: Io
  • Contact Public Event: Titan
  • The Seed of Silver Wings seasonal artifact
  • Player power increase from the Seed of Silver Wings
  • Prophecy Dungeon (will return in a later Season)
  • Ruinous Effigy quest
  • Traveler’s Chosen quest
  • The Cradle
  • Season of Arrivals: Vanguard
  • Season of Arrivals: Power Bonus
  • Season of Arrivals: Season Pass Rank
  • Seed Acquired
  • Mod Collector
  • Upgrade Gift Ranks
  • Contact: Heavy Hitters
  • Contact: Destinations
  • Interference: Loop
  • Interference: Clear the Air
  • Ancient Light Anew
  • Hive-God Optometrist
  • Exodus: Preparation
  • Exodus: Evacuation
  • Basic Focus
  • Advanced Pyramid Focus
  • Advanced Exodus Focus
  • Advanced Dredgen Focus
  • Advanced Armor Focus
  • Prophecy Complete
  • Prophecy Dungeon Flawless
  • Prophecy Dungeon Solo
  • Prophecy Dungeon Solo Flawless
  • Urn it
  • Grandmaster: The Corrupted
  • Grandmaster: Savathûn’s Song
  • Grandmaster: Lake of Shadows
  • Grandmaster: Strange Terrain
  • Grandmaster: The Festering Core
  • Grandmaster: A Garden World
  • Confidence is High
  • Safe Harbor
  • Guardian of the Lighthouse
  • This Is the Way
  • All Flawless map triumphs
  • All other Season 11 triumphs

How much time do you have left to turn in phased-out currencies?

The current season (Season 12) titled “Season of the Hunt” began during the launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light and is expected to run for as long as 91 days post-launch. Since the soon-to-be-phased-out items are set to expire and go wasteful by the start of Season 13, all the currencies and items that we listed above will no longer be available to use from February 10, 2021.

So, if you have any of the in-game items that are being removed from Destiny 2, be sure to use it or exchange it on or before February 9, 2021, which is when the Season of the Hunt ends.

Why is Bungie removing items from Destiny 2?

Developers of Destiny 2 revealed that their aim is to add more expansions to Destiny 2 instead of building a Destiny 3. The only way to do this, Bungie says, is to cycle older, less actively played content out of the current versions of the game which will also make Destiny 2 more efficient to update and maintain.

By introducing the Destiny Content Vault (DCV), Bungie can keep some of the older content from previous seasons and can add them later in the future. The company says the existence of so many items within the game meant that players needed to download as much as 115GB to play the game and download some more when a patch is being rolled out.

According to Bungie, a lot of the content from that 115GB is no longer relevant to the game, and with so much of that removed, it reduces the time to generate a stable update within hours instead of days. The developers will now aim to keep the scope and scale of Destiny 2 at the same size so that they can properly support and maintain the game.

Do you have a bunch of Phaseglass Needles in Destiny 2? Use it as fast as you can before it goes to waste. 


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  1. Man im telling yall destiny made a huge mistake to remove more than 4 planets juat to add an old earth map from destiny 1 and a new planet or moon… They should of added these new content as an update even if it would of taken from us more GB storage in our gaming systems, GTA V does it allot.

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