PetMap Android App – It’s Time Your Pet Gets Global Fame!


Those of you who love their pets are simply gonna fall in love with the ‘PetMap’. The application lets you share, view and discuss the pics and videos of pets from the world over — which of course is limited to the users of this app. Here is a brief about this app.

  • Upload your pet’s pics and videos — don’t be shy of uploading cool pet tricks you got
  • Yes, you can protect your actual location for privacy reasons by giving a fake location
  • Pics are shown on real time basis on the map with support for geo-tagging
  • Watch what people share from the world over
  • Discover lovely dogs, cats, birds, fishes, etc — this might help you a lot if you’re considering bringing a new pet home

Cost: FREE

Compatibility: For all android OS versions

Download the android PetMap app by scanning the QR Code below or if you’re on mobile, hit the link below the code.

PetMap Android Download

Mobile Download Link

Let us know whether this app really make the android phone worth to your pet. Also, throw a word or two about the popularity index of your pet’s global fame.

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