Paranoid Android released for OnePlus 7 Pro as beta

OnePlus 7 Pro Android Q

Android Pie-based Paranoid Android has been made available for the OnePlus 7 Pro, bringing the famous ROM to the latest OnePlus flagship for the first time.

OnePlus 7 Pro is one of the best smartphones in the market right now. It combines razor-sharp hardware with user-friendly software, delivering a device you can count on with eyes closed.

The Chinese OEM also encourages users to experiment with their smartphones and enhance the OnePlus experience. OnePlus devices are difficult to brick completely, thanks to the company’s super active, eager-to-help forums.

The Paranoid Android release is still in beta, so, expect some features to act erratically. According to the Paranoid Android team, device encryption still needs a bit of work, while off-screen gestures aren’t yet supported by the ROM.

This device runs under OxygenOS, so, make sure you are not running a custom kernel and are coming from the latest Pie-based OxygenOS only.

How to install

Step 1. Reboot to fastboot

Step 2. Fastboot TWRP

Step 3. Wipe Data

Step 4. Reboot to fastboot

Step 5. Fastboot TWRP

Step 6. Install AOSPA zip package

Step 7. Reboot to fastboot

Step 8. Fastboot TWRP

Step 9. Install Magisk

Via: XDA Developers 

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