Paper Camera — Put Cartoon and Painting Effects Live On Camera

Paper Camera is a really cool camera app for Android which lets you apply different filters and effects to your camera pictures and other images. It can apply the effects on a live camera feed, which lets you see what the scene will look like before taking the pictures.

Paper Camera provides different cartoon and sketch effects like neon cola, old printer, bleaching, and more. It also lets you manually change the settings for contrast, brightness and lines for each image, so you can get that perfect balance on your photos and images with all the effects. You can either load images from the gallery and put effects on those, or use your camera to take new pictures with the effects applied in real-time. Applying effects in real-time is quite helpful, as you can actually see what the picture looks like before clicking it, unlike most apps that let you add effects after the picture has been taken.

After applying the effects and saving the images, you can share them with others using different apps such as e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. With around 12 different effects to play with, Paper Camera is a nice app that will put some fun into your picture-taking. It costs $1.88, and you can install it on your phone by clicking the download button below. Leave your thoughts on the app in the comments.

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