Pantech P8000 Shows Up at FCC. A Budget Phone with No Grand Plans!

Pantech P800

Of course every company with even a brief history of cell phone make-sell transactions is trying its fortune with android these days, So, it doesn’t come as a total surprise to hear that Pantech (No. 3 after Samsung and LG in Korea) is making one too, for its American faithfuls. Pantech has been serving US households for a long time now but it mainly catered to low to very low end phones, not on bit of which could be anywhere near a smartphone. But no more will be the case, as the FCC image we’ve in sight, points out the P8000 handset from Pantech is in the works, of course relying on Android — (wow!) the Google OS for Mobile — as the Bluetooth SIG Certification suggests.

Pantech does share a sweet and nice history with AT&T and when this is considered with the fact that it boasts of support for 850and 1900 MHz 3G bands, it seems right to suggest that the device will be found ultimately in AT&T stores. The carrier has always been shy of offering the latest and greatest android phones. Most of the blame could be given to iPhone’s presence (or say domination!) over there. But the carrier did manage to grab one of the four Galaxy S sets, the Captivate — which in fact, was the most redesigned member of the Samsung family of flagship devices in US and we loved it too — but it was brought late, only when it became semi-clear that iPhone’s flying to Verizon soon, or say January 2011 as rumored.

But whatever, AT&T does needs one or two high end device to attract android users and the Pantech P8000 surely isn’t solution to that, although Pantech would be happy with the deal, which isn’t official now, by the way.

The Pantech P8000 could be named Moon. Surprised? Well, that’s what we’ve heard. Yeah, you may call it another space oriented naming method/process being adopted by yet another Koreanite company, citing example of Samsung using the term ‘Galaxy’ for its android lineup of both high end and budget phones. But hey, doesn’t that hint us that Pantech isn’t aiming too high with android, going by the magnitude of meaning of names used by both Samsung and Pantech, compared to each other.

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