Organise Your Camera and Other Photos and Videos Using 8memo, a Great Alternative to Gallery App

The stock Gallery app in Android does a fairly good job in arranging your pictures. If you want an even better option to keep your photos and pictures organised, try out 8memo.

8memo offers an intelligent way to keep your precious memories organised. You can arrange them date-wise, and view them in the form of a timeline. You can also sort your pictures in different albums.  There are some predefined albums, but you can rename them or create new ones. It also arranges the pictures intelligently according to the date, and creates albums.

You can also share the albums you create on a variety of media. 8memo also offers the feature of tagging your albums, which eases the management of a large number of pictures to quite an extent.

The UI of the app is quite pleasing to the eyes, along with its simplicity of use. The photo and album scrolling animation is something different, something you don’t see every day. Aesthetically, it is one great app, an absolute joy to use, even for new users.

And, last but not the least, like all the other good things in life, it is free of cost (and without advertisements too) which is just great.

And btw, while we’re talking about Photo Manager/Viewer app, let’s not forget about QuickPic, One of the best alternative to Gallery app.

The Good:
  • Simple interface
  • Free
  • No advertisements
  • No hidden in-app purchases
The Bad:
  • A little laggy when a large number of pictures is involved

Get organised using the link below.


More Photo Gallery 8memo Screenshots