Oppo Reveals First Ever Under-Screen Selfie Camera

Since the unveiling of Apple’s iPhone X, smartphone manufacturers have tried to one-up the other in the race of attaining the highest screen-to-body ratio.

From questionable notches to beautifully crafted pop-up cameras, we’ve seen it all. And now, Oppo has promised to deliver something that would render every other camera technology obsolete — presenting the world’s first under-screen selfie camera.

At MWC Shanghai this week, Oppo demonstrated the piece of genius to the public, confirming that the tech will hit the market “in the near future.”

According to the Verge, Oppo is using a custom transparent display alongside a redesigned pixel structure. The company has claimed that the display quality won’t be compromised and the camera, too, will be on par with the other flagships on the market.

Oppo has a knack for showing off their innovation before releasing worldwide. So, there’s plenty of assurance that the smartphone will be available sooner rather than later.

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