OnePlus Two Warranty won’t be void upon unlocking bootloader or rooting

The OnePlus support guy has confirmed to one curious user Naman Bhalla over a chat that unlocking bootloader on OnePlus Two won’t void its warranty, as was the case with OnePlus One. This is one of the many reasons why we love OnePlus as much as we do — but btw, there is slight caveat to it, all your hacking experiments aren’t really covered!

Basically, OnePlus service center staff will examine the cause of the issue when you hand over the device to them for repairing, And if your device is bootloader unlocked, they will verify that the issue isn’t directly related to or caused by you rooting your device, or installing a custom ROM that may be affecting the device.

We have to guess that if service center is satisfied that had you not unlocked bootloader, the issue would have arise anyway, then your warranty is not void. And your device shall be repaired for free. But if the issue could have been prevented had you not unlocked bootloader — meaning you’ll never root your device and thus won’t install system level apps that could damage the phone — then your warranty may be deemed void.

Find the actual text from OnePlus here, where they confirm that merely unlocking bootloader won’t void the warranty, unless issues can be identified to unlocking the bootloader.

Anyway, it’s great, and anytime better than blunt warranty void claim by OEMs like HTC, Sony and LG when you use their own program to unlock bootloader on a device. Or Samsung, where KNOX 0x1 means warranty void, completely, even if the damage is purely hardware, and OEM’s own.

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