OnePlus Two to Flaunt Metal Design and Reasonable Pricing

oneplus one

The OnePlus One smartphone that was launched in the last year was one of the most anticipated devices with impressive specifications and affordable pricing. With the CyanogenMod OS and top notch aspects, the smartphone lured potential buyers who wanted a reasonably priced high-end model.

Within months after the launch of the OnePlus One, the rumors regarding its successor started making rounds. Alleged to be called OnePlus Two, the smartphone is likely to boast of a metallic chassis and look refined on the whole with finest styling.

oneplus two metal

As per a Business Insider report, the OnePlus Two is confirmed to arrive with the changes that are mentioned above and also carry a relatively higher price tag than that of the OnePlus One. However, it is claimed that the pricing will be much cheaper than that of the other flagships that are available in the market including Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6.

A previous report stated that there will be many surprises on the hardware front of the upcoming OnePlus offering and it also pointed out to a metal design. Notably, the OnePlus One was popular for its reasonable pricing, and hence we can expect a similar rage among the buyers for its successor as well.

Also, OnePlus has confirmed that it will be launching a new smartphone sometime this year, but it did not divulge more details about the same. The firm has also teased a product announcement in April and may be we can see the OnePlus Two or a different product in the next month’s launch.

Source: Business Insider