OnePlus to push an update to fix OnePlus 5 jelly effect

OnePlus 5

Ten days into its launch and there are already a bunch of issues OnePlus 5 owners have been pointing out. One specific issue which appears to be common among many users seems to be what’s currently being referred to as the “Jelly Effect.”

Apparently, users are noticing a jell-like visual effect on the screen while scrolling through content in an app or a browser. The company, responding to the same, has issued a statement saying that “This is natural and there’s no variance in screens between devices.”

However, the company released another statement today claiming that the “the concerned team is working” on this issue and “an update will be released to fix this.”

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The reason behind such unusual effect is currently unknown, but there are a couple of theories floating around the internet. While one theory attributes the issue to an out-of-sync frame rate with regard to the refresh rate of OnePlus 5’s display, the other theory suggests that display could have been mounted upside-down and hence the issue.

That said, these are just speculations, and we will know the actual reason when the company releases a fix for the bug via an OTA very soon (hopefully).

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