OnePlus releases Android Q Developer Preview 4 update (DP4)

OnePlus 7 Pro

Update [August 06, 2019]: A correction! The DP4 update is available only for the OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7,  not for 6 and 6T. Even the download link is meant for 7 and 7 Pro only, so we have made the changes to that effect in the article below.

Original article continues:

OnePlus has been pretty active in providing Android Q beta updates to its OnePlus 6 and 7 series users. After releasing DP3 around two weeks back, the good guys at OnePlus are back with Android Q DP4. {Update: Only available for OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro]

What’s new in OnePlus DP4 update

Well, OnePlus hasn’t shared a lot of what’s getting fixed with the DP4 update but they did share what is still not fixed, which is alright for a Developer Preview build, we guess.

So, OnePlus says that you may still experience issues with stability, and may also counter lag and apps compatibility issues. Google Pay may not work on DP4 either, and you will need to set the fingerprint security again.

OnePlus also mentions ‘System functions improvement’, which is our hint that DP4 brings a lot of system levels enhancements, something beta builds are all about, to be fair.

Android Q DP4 update

OnePlus Android Q DP4 download link

Thankfully, a download link for the DP4 version of OnePlus Android Q beat is already available. You can download the update from the links below.

Download Android Q DP4 update:

To install Android Q DP4 update on your OnePlus 7/6 series phone, check out the guide here.

Source: OnePlus forums (2)

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  1. That Link is only for OnePlus7 Pro.. It will not apply to onePlus7… Please correct your Blog..

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