OnePlus 7 Pro dark themes: Check out what Swift Installer and Substratum now!

OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro’s OxygenOS software is the closest to stock Android you can get from a non-Google vendor that is not riding on the back of Android One. Still, the theme options the device comes with are quite extensive.

The default Light theme can be tough on the eyes, which is why OnePlus also built in a system-wide dark theme that is hidden in the Display settings. However, if you want to customize your OnePlus 7 Pro and you are into Dark Themes, check out these options:

Swift Installer

Swift Installer is a personalization app that brings the best customization to app backgrounds, accents, notifications, and system icons on your OnePlus 7 Pro. As the name suggests, it has its own installer and color engine. Users can choose from an almost endless list of colors and even input their favorite hex color code for personalized dark accents and backgrounds.

You can install Swift on your rooted OnePlus 7 Pro in a few simple steps. If using any other Magisk module, you must use the Swift Installer Magisk module too and enable native Dark theme via the Display settings menu for the installer to work correctly.

Download: Swift Installer

Substratum Themes

If not Swift Installer, then you can go for the Substratum and its themes, of which there a lot of. You will need to root OnePlus 7 Pro for this too, like the Swift Installer. But worry not, rooting the 7 Pro is easy as OnePlus is easy on unlocking the bootloader of the device, but things do get a bit tricky when you have the T-Mobile variant.

To get going, install the Substratum app first of all, and then download the theme of your choice from below.

Flux – Substratum Theme

Flux Theme

Another great theme you can turn for deep dark theming of the OS and even third-party apps is Flux. This theme needs the Substratum engine to work on your OnePlus 7 Pro and like Swift Installer, your device must also be rooted.

Flux brings a dark yet vibrant theme that is uniquely styled with a black background complemented by a blue accent, leaving your OnePlus 7 Pro with a fresh look.

Flux also requires that you enable the default Dark theme on your phone via the Display settings menu. Once done, you can take full advantage of features like tweaking the AMOLED background option to black instead of dark, enable light notifications, and more.

Download: Flux

PitchBlack – Substratum Theme For Nougat/Oreo/Pie

PitchBlack another great theme that needs the Substratum installed for it to work. This app has some beautiful color combinations that will enhance the aesthetics of the OnePlus 7 Pro.

PictBlack also provides many apps and ROM support with themes that hit the right spot without being overwhelming.

Download: PitchBlack

PitchBlack S – Samsung Substratum Theme Oreo/OneUI

This app may specifically be for Samsung devices but if you have a rooted OnePlus 7 Pro and the Substratum theme installed, it will work just fine.

PitchBlack S won’t consume too much battery and give you access to pre-curated beautiful Samsung themes that are constantly updated for good measure.

Download: PitchBlack S

Swift Dark Substratum Theme

Swift Dark is loaded with 200 themes that are constantly updated to optimize your experience. It supports a big number of systems and you can customize it to preserve an app’s original accents and primary colors.

Again, make sure your OnePlus 7 Pro is rooted and running the Substratum theme before you install this app.

Download: Swift Dark

Swift Black Substratum Theme + Oreo & Samsung theme

Swift Black aims to deliver the purest of blacks in the realm of dark themes. Like its dark counterpart, this one has over 200 pure black overlay themes that you can avail once you download this app.

Make sure that you have the Substratum theme installed along with a rooted OnePlus 7 Pro.

Download: Swift Black

Death Red for Substratum

This Red theme will complement your OnePlus 7 Pro effortlessly. The red and black combination is especially with gamers and this app has some tastefully done overlays that you will not get enough of.

Keep in mind that this one is specifically for red lovers and we can’t be sure if the makers are planning to update more color combinations. Make sure you have a rooted OnePlus 7 Pro that runs Substratum and you’re good to go.

Download: Death Red

Which dark theme have you installed on your OnePlus 7 Pro?


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