OnePlus 7 Pro: Aether Substratum Mods lets you move the clock to the right and center, and more

Aether OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro is one of the most mod-friendly devices on the market, leave alone the fact that it’s an Android device. So far, you can already tweak the device to your liking with the help of TWRP Recovery, but this is for the savvy user.

For the less techy OnePlus 7 Pro owners, you can do simple modifications like installing GCam or even Aether Substratum mods for OxygenOS, the latest sensation, with a little help.

Aether brings a collection of substratum mods for OxygenOS and ROMs based on OxygenOS, but the developer says it won’t work on other custom ROMs.

The mod includes features like moving the clock in the status bar to the right or center, toggle the LTE/4G icon, and configuring Quick Settings icon count with an option to hide labels.

But unlike installing GCam, this one needs root access. As for where to download Aether and more details about it, check out this Github page.

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