OnePlus 5 service and support would be great: OnePlus

OnePlus has established itself as an OEM to consider seriously in a short manner of time, as the manufacturer has done some great work to provide flagship specs at affordable prices. The company has come a long way since its earliest days, when the OnePlus One could only be obtained only with an invite.

Flash forward to the current OnePlus 3T (and the former OnePlus 3) and one thing is clear: OnePlus is doing its best to “never settle” in anything. The next frontier of the company’s work is in customer support. With the upcoming OnePlus 5 announcement, OnePlus wants to demonstrate its growth in customer support and its continued commitment to this endeavor.

In a short video posted by the manufacturer at the OnePlus Forums, OnePlus discussed its growth from 5 people in customer support at startup to now over 500 personnel in phone support, with support personnel giving small examples of testimonials and the impact customers have had on them in their time with OnePlus.

“Coming into the OnePlus 5, I am proud to say that we have never felt more confident than today in providing the best service to date to our users. We now have over 500 people in our Consumer Support teams as well as repairs centers across the globe to be able to repair and return products as fast as possible” OnePlus Administrative Staff Member Tom Bruno said in a post to customers.

The OnePlus 5 could be announced as early as June 15th and could bring a dual-tone design and horizontal dual rear camera placement, but OnePlus hopes to provide OnePlus 5 service and support that will be as people-conscious as its smartphones are wallet-conscious. The “Never Settle” mantra marches on.

Source: OnePlus