One more update for HTC EVO in the works

HTC EVO Update

We just heard that HTC is preparing another update for EVO to tackle the recent issues like ‘glass separation’ and more importantly ‘screen sensitivity’. This is second update for EVO, the first being the urgently-called post-launch update.

HTC has confirmed that screen sensitivity update exists and depends on the climate where phone is being used, but is sure to fix it with one software update alone.

Regarding glass separation thing, it’s micro-scale issue but the update will put to rest that also. It affects the ‘touch’ of the screen a little bit but there is nothing serious. The update HTC is about to launch will surely fix these but the company is keeping it under full watch.

The updates should start rolling soon. BTW, the black color HTC EVO has gone ‘outsold’ online, as confirmed by BestBuy. Yes again. But worry not, you have Droid X coming up soon, on July 19. Tell me you have already marked this date!

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