NVIDIA stops LTE modem manufacture, will rely on third parties for future chips

So the days of slow connectivity are becoming a thing of the past as 2G and 3G are increasingly being replaced by devices and networks able to handle 4G transmissions.

That’s why, with others ramping up their 4G-fication programs, NVIDIA’s decision to completely shut down LTE modem development for its future chips came as a big surprise.


The signs were already there as early as 2013, when the company announced that the next generation Tegra 5 System-on-Chip will carry the Icera i500 LTE modem which is also present in the Tegra 4i. However, it turns out that while Tegra 5 will arrive next year with the Icera 4G LTE model, the Icera i500 LTE modem will not be used again by NVIDIA, nor will the company manufacture LTE modems anymore.

The company will instead rely on third-party LTE modem manufacturers to provide it with LTE modems for its future chips. We will be watching to see how that turns out.

Source: GsmArena