Nvidia Shield Android TV gets official LineageOS build

Nvidia Shield Android TV

LineageOS is now available for the Nvidia Shield Android TV officially. You can download it from the company’s official website. We will provide the link below.

It must have cleared the alpha stage alongside the experimental stage as it is currently available for downloads in the form of a nightly build.

The Nvidia Shield Android TV, by default, comes with the Android TV 7.0 Nougat pre-installed. However, in case you are a sucker for more customization options, know that the LineageOS is now available for downloads.

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You will, of course, have to unlock the bootloader of your Nvidia Shield Android TV, flash TWRP custom recovery, and then flash ROM to install the LineageOS.

To download the LineageOS nightly build for the Shield Android TV, click on the link below.

Download LineageOS for Nvidia Shield Android TV

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