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Nova Launcher gets update to version 1.3.3, now compatible with Android 4.2

Those who updated to the recently released Android 4.2 were disappointed to find that Nova Launcher, one of the most popular third-party home launcher apps these days, wasn’t working correctly, with the dock and notifications expansion being unresponsive. However, acting really quickly, TeslaCoil Software has updated Nova Launcher and made it fully compatible with Android 4.2.

The icons in the stock Jelly Bean theme in the launcher have updated to the newer Android 4.2 icons as well, and there is now also an option to manually edit app icons and select different ones from installed themes, instead of having to apply the whole theme itself. This feature is not exactly new, and existed on older launchers like ADW, but it is good to see that it has been added to Nova as well.

There are quite a few other changes as well, here’s the full list:

  • Fixes for 4.2 (Dock, QSB, expand notifications)
  • Added Expand Quick Settings Nova Action on Android 4.2
  • Update Stock Jellybean theme for 4.2 icons (Camera, Clock)
  • Fix unread counts in drawer not always updating
  • Fix Widget Picker on some Samsung 4.1 devices
  • Fix drawer tab sometimes not being selectable
  • Optimizations

Kudos to the developers for acting so quickly in making Nova work properly with Android 4.2, while that other launcher going by the name of Apex (my favorite) still crashes on the new Android version.

Hit the link below to grab the new version from the Play Store (or update from the Play Store app on your device itself).

Google Play Link