Nokia 9 benchmarks appear at Geekbench, fares similar to Xiaomi Mi6 and OnePlus 5

A new device from HMD Global — model TA-1004 — appeared at the Geekbench today, powered by the current-best Snapdragon 835 processor, with 4GB RAM and Android 7.1.1 OS also on-board. Guess what, it scores pretty-awesome 2255 points in single-core tests, while blasting the multi-score tests with cool 7770 points. And given the processor, we have no doubt that it’s the Nokia 9 itself, that was leaked in full only very, very recently.

That’s nice scores, you know. If you were keeping track, you’d remember that only very recently, OnePlus 5 Geekbench scores got leaked out, wherein the device was scoring 1963 and 6687 points. Before we just to conclusion that Nokia 9 outclassed OnePlus 5, we need to consider the fact that the Nokia 9 scores come from Geekbench 3, which are about 10% inflated than Geekbench 4, from where presumably OnePlus 5 scores came. So, a big difference there.

But anyway, if you look at Xiaomi Mi6 — also powered by SD835 chipset — the scores are about same as that of Nokia 9. That’s on Geekbench 3 of course. Look at Mi6 on Geekbench 4, and results are down by about 10%, but they still fare well, about the same as OnePlus 5.

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So, yes, Nokia 9 scores are impressive, given that it matches OnePlus 5 and Mi6, both of which outdo Galaxy S8. Good work, Nokia.

Anyway, benchmarks being benchmarks, it doesn’t guarantee us in any way that Nokia 9 would perform better pr at par than OnePlus 5 or Galaxy S8, because software matters a lot. But hell yeah, we’re liking what we’re seeing in first Nokia 9 benchmark results.

Source: Geekbench

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