Nokia 8 root: It’s available, but with a catch!

Nokia 8 root

Nokia 8 might have been overtaken by the beautiful Nokia 8 Sirocco in HMD’s portfolio, but it remains to be one of the go-to flagship phones for anyone hunting for bargain deals.

In addition to saving a significant amount of money compared to other devices carrying similar specs, the Nokia 8 also benefits from the fact that it carries Android as Google intends it to be. In fact, it’s for this reason the phone is only among a handful of others that are currently running Android 8.1 Oreo and is guaranteed to get Android P before this year ends.

However, one little problem with the Nokia 8 is that it’s not root-able because HMD has locked the bootloader. If up to this point I’ve somehow lost you, simply don’t bother going past this statement. But if we are still together, you’ll be delighted to learn that an XDA member has managed to unlock the Nokia 8 bootloader, but you’ll have to be good at this to keep track of the entire procedure.

Nokia 8 unlocked

If you understand the significance of this achievement, feel free to check out more details about it via the source link below. For the uninitiated, it means the doors towards rooting the Nokia 8 are now open.

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