It wasn’t the Nokia 8 in Qualcomm video at CES [Confirmed]

The smartphone showcasing Qualcomm’s EIS and OIS technology at CES turned out to not be the upcoming Nokia flagship. As stated by Qualcomm’s spokeswoman, Catherine Baker, Qualcomm does not disclose reference design and that the device shown in the CES video follows Qualcomm’s own reference design.

The Qualcomm reference device which obviously had the Snapdragon logo on it, featured Qualcomm’s crown, the Snapdragon 835 and 6GB of RAM. The device also came with a 12MP front facing camera and a 24MP rear camera with OIS and EIS being the highlight of the demo. Baker also stated that the same reference devices are used every year to showcase its next gen SoCs.

The recently launched Nokia 6 has been spotted running Android Nougat based on CyanogenMod source code. Now that LineageOS has taken control of all CyanogenMod services, we can speculate that Nokia could integrate the custom ROM specific features into its build of Android. LineageOS is available for many devices unofficially right now.

Now that the blunder is clarified, does it mean that there won’t be a Nokia 8? Come February 26, MWC will reveal more details on Nokia’s upcoming devices and their future roadmap.