Nexus 7 is UK’s most sold tablet already

Google’s Nexus 7 has become the best-selling tablet ever in the UK, according to retailer Carphone Warehouse, or at least the best-selling Android tablet if you go by their exact words.

This isn’t surprising, as there is no other Android tablet available in the UK that can match the Nexus 7 for price, specially not with a quad-core processor inside. Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD or Barnes and Noble’s Nook HD+ tablets haven’t started selling in the UK yet (Amazon is set to do so very soon), so the Nexus 7 is enjoying a comfortable position at the top. Carphone Warehouse mentions that the demand for the Nexus 7 has been huge, with more and more people warming up towards smaller-sized tablets as they are easier to handle and can be taken along more comfortably than the 10-inch counterparts, so again, it isn’t a surprise that the Nexus 7 has seen such huge sales.

Official sales numbers are yet to come out, but when they do, they should confirm the fact that the Nexus 7 was at least the best-selling Android tablet, if not the best-selling tablet altogether. Here’s a toast to the Nexus 7’s success as well as to Google’s awesome pricing of the tablet.