Nexus 4 LTE works with AT&T too! Only on Band 4 1700MHz though.

The lack of LTE connectivity on the Nexus 4 doesn’t seem to have done anything to slow down the high demand for Google’s latest smartphone right down from the day it was released on Google Play almost a month ago. Subsequently, an iFixit teardown revealed that LG had packed in a 4G LTE chip on the motherboard.

Subsequently, a few Canadian users who were lucky enough to get a Nexus 4 managed to tinker around with the settings and hidden menus to discover that they were indeed able to access LTE connectivity on networks using LTE Band 4, which would be carriers Bell, Telus, and Rogers in Canada.

Turns out that AT&T in the US, also uses the same LTE Band 4  1700MHz, albeit only in a few select markets. And now AT&T users from some of these markets have slowly started reporting that they are able to get near LTE speeds on their Nexus 4 smartphones. Of course, the LTE chip has to manually activated to gain connectivity, and that can be done using this handy guide we had posted earlier.

It could be hit-and-miss, but if  you are on AT&T and in any of the markets listed below, it should be well worth you while:

  • Phoenix,
  • Raleigh,
  • San Juan,
  • Los Angeles,
  • Las Vegas,
  • Oklahoma City,
  • Dallas,
  • Chicago,
  • Charlotte,
  • Athens, GA,
  • College Station, TX
The rest of AT&T LTE markets are unfortunately on Band 17 – 700MHz like the rest of the LTE networks in the US, and won’t get so lucky.

If your buddies have been taking a dig at you lately for not being able to get LTE on your new baby, I bet you’d like to see the look on their faces now, eh?

Via PhoneArena