Nexus 4 bumpers back in stock in US Play Store, get yours before it sells out

If you were unable to buy a bumper case and have been living in constant fear of breaking that glass on your newly purchased Nexus 4, then you’ll be happy to know that the official bumper for Google’s “hard to get a hold of” Nexus smartphone is now back in stock on the Google Play Store, at least in the US.

The bumper case was in stock back in stock when the Nexus 4 was launched, but never came back in stock until now, so it would be a good idea to make good on this opportunity and grab yourself one of these. Who knows when the next stock will arrive after this one sells out, as going by how well Google has handled the whole affair of selling the Nexus 4, it’s going to be a long wait before both the phone and its accessories are readily available.

Hit the link below to order the bumper from Google. Now, how about getting the device itself back in stock?


Via: Phone Arena