Next Samsung Galaxy A series and C series phones will get dual rear cameras

There was a time when dual camera was a feature seen in flagship and premium smartphones. But that’s no longer the case now. The Chinese OEMs, more popularly known for churning out affordable handsets with premium specsheet, have resorted to endowing even lower mid-range devices with dual cameras. Sensing the competition, Samsung too seems to have resorted to a similar tactic.

Now we all know that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 8 flagship will have dual rear cameras. But a recent leak has suggested that even the mid range Galaxy A series and premium Galaxy C series phones from Samsung will get dual rear cameras. With this Samsung seems to be walking on the treaded path now.

Although we haven’t heard anything of upcoming Galaxy A series device features, the past leaks about Galaxy C 10, the next C series phones have always pointed corroborated the leaked news. In fact, some reports have suggested that Galaxy C10 might release before Galaxy Note 8 and thus would take away the credit of being the first Samsung dual camera phone.

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If indeed Samsung sticks to the plan of releasing Galaxy A series and C series phones with dual rear cameras, it will be a warning bell for the Chinese OEMs like Vivo and Oppo known for dual camera phones. The camera on Samsung phones has always been its plus point. Now that we will get to see two cameras on board Samsung devices leaves us to guess that it will leave its competitors way past behind.

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