New Sony Xperia Z Update is already out but death fix might be missing!

Sony has started the rollout of a new software update for the Xperia Z, which bumps its build number up to 10.1.A.1.434. This update was pushed out to the Xperia ZL last week but doesn’t come with any changelog, indicating that it may primarily be for bug fixes. Yes, that means no Android 4.2 yet. Bummer.

Also, there is no indication of whether this update fixes the Sleep of Death issue that we reported as affecting a number of Xperia Z owners, causing the device to shut down and never turn on again. However, considering Sony said that the fix would be in the next update on March 14th, and that it’s been almost two weeks since then, I’d wager this update does include the fix and should hopefully prevent any more Xperia Z’s from dying.

As always, you’ll see an update for the notification in a day or two as it gradually rolls out in different regions, so make sure to keep an eye out on that status bar and that data connection running.


Via: Xperia Blog