Motorola rolls out Moto G6 update with September security patch

Moto G6 September update

Since its official launch in April, the Moto G6 hasn’t received so much attention from Motorola in regards to software updates. But today, the device has a new update rolling out that installs a new security patch for the month of September 2018.

Although not the latest, this is one very important update for a device that has been starved of regular updates. Motorola had already confirmed that the Moto G6 won’t be updated monthly but after three or so months. With that said, you need to grab this update once it shows up because you’ll likely see another towards the end of the year or probably in 2019.

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The new update is hitting Moto G6 handsets as software version OPSS27.82-87-3 and being an OTA update, it’ll definitely take time before all units receive the download notification. Besides, Motorola’s updates are usually region-based, which makes it even harder to know where next the update will be headed to.

If you can’t wait, now would be the perfect time to start nagging the software update button in the Settings menu to check if the update is available for downloading manually.

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