Motorola may launch 3rd Gen Moto X with a 16 MP camera later this year

Motorola Mobility, which has been sailing on the success of its Moto E, G and X may be getting ready to introduce the 3rd generation Moto X at some point later this year, and we have something pretty interesting to pass around.

Apparently, the 3rd generation Moto X will give special emphasis on its rear snapper. The whooping 16 MP camera will feature Motorola’s Clear Pixel technology along with Optical image stabilization enabling you to take great pictures in both low light as well as in conditions when the target (or your hand) is moving — thanks to the RGBC pixel filter included in the sensor.

moto x -2

The device will give you give you the option of recording at various FPS (frames per second) depending upon the resolution you want your video to be in. For example — recording at 4K resolution limits you to 30 frames per second while choosing to record at 120 frames per second gives you a better resolution of 1080p which you can amp up even further to 240 frames per second for a 720p video quality. Changing the FPS also gives you the option of recording in slow motion which is pretty awesome.

The front camera is also likely to undego some improvements and the 2 MP front clicker on the 2nd Gen Moto X will probably be upgraded to a 5 MP one.

All this is bound to make for both great customizability as well as superb camera performance leading one to believe that other features apart, the upcoming Moto X may just be worth buying for the camera alone.

Stay Tuned!

Source: Phandroid